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A different kind of iSUP

Our Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board packages are called “iSUPs”, and they’ve evolved differently than the competition. We did not create our iSUP packages to sell; we created our packages for ourselves, to be used on an island that did not have any surf shops or repair options.  These boards and accessories needed to hold up to the harshness of the Jeju seas. They include the best of everything:

Premium iSUP Board
Triple Action Pumps that inflate boards in under 5 minutes
Super light 3 Piece Carbon Travel Paddles
Well crafted, sturdy travel bag

All of our boards were custom-designed by my family and sourced via the supply chain that we created for Jeju Island Paddle Boards. Now we’ve brought next-generation iSUP boards to Victoria to support PacificSUP.  It is our intention to manufacture these boards on a larger scale to meet the needs of the growing PacificSUP Community.

To find out more and order your custom PacificSUP board, please contact us.

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These are boards that we will be using in the waterways of Victoria this year: